Build a safer, more just country through innovative, data-driven training and development for prosecutors.


Prosecutor Impact provides education and training for the American prosecutor, giving them the tools needed to improve results in their communities.


Limited training
for prosecutors

Many prosecutors across the U.S. receive the same formal training. The path looks something like this:


Law school

Get hired

Pass bar exam

0-5 weeks of
on-the-job “training”

Manage huge

specialized prosecutor training

Most prosecuting offices receive fewer than two weeks of specialized prosecutor training.

This training, simply put, is not enough when the individuals involved are making decisions that alter the course of lives and communities.

This is everyone’s problem.

High-stakes fields like medicine & education:

Training and development practices for prosecutors are long overdue for an overhaul.


Educate. Expose.
Equip. Empower.

We take an immersive, experiential approach to learning and development. Our work is grounded in guiding principles that aim to educate, expose, equip and empower prosecutors.

We offer fully customizable training engagements for executive leadership and their entire offices.

Engaging with us gives you access to:

& analysis
Our team of experts will work with you to identify your office’s unique assets and challenges.

We’ll use what we learn to design a custom program to meet your needs.
Comprehensive training
& continuing education
Our core curriculum is rooted in the science of how humans actually learn.

We use expertly designed modules, simulations and facilitated dialogues for engaging and immersing prosecutors in inspiring content that sticks.
Community membership,

networking & certification
In addition to ongoing support from our masterful team, working with PI also means you become a part of our incredible community of diverse thinkers, practitioners, experts, mentors and colleagues from around the world. You also get first dibs on exclusive PI programming.
our community

Let’s change
our community

We would love to help you impact your community. Contact us to learn more and get involved.